Cool Water Purification Gadgets



In times of emergency, your survival skills can be supplemented by some of the coolest survival products available today. If you have one of these innovative gadgets, you can save yourself all the effort of making your own purification systems This is definitely disaster preparation at its best.

Here are some examples of the latest water purifying gadgets you can consider investing in:



The Lifestraw is a very simple point-of-use water filtering device. It enables one person to drink water from contaminated sources without the risk of diarrhea and other health hazards due to contamination . It can be used at home when the water supply is contaminated during a disaster. It is lightweight and compact so it also ideal for travelers  hikers or campers drinking from streams or lakes. It was designed for people living in the third world where they have very limited access to safe water. Now, it is widely available for customers in the US and Canada.

The Lifestraw can filter particles as small as 0.2 microns. That’s small enough to block bacteria and parasites that cause diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid and diarrhea. It’s cheap and very convenient to use. It is used just like a straw. You simply place the other end of the pipe into a dirty water and you suck clean water out of the other end. Inside the pipe are one pre-filter medium, iodine beads and activated carbon filter.


At the time of this post the Lifestraw had 165 reviews on Amazon.Click here to see the reviews on Amazon

Purifier Bottle

Katadyn Exstream Water Purifying Bottle

A water purifying bottle works very similarly to the Lifestraw. It’s simple and very easy to use. It’s lightweight and portable. It’s a bit more expensive than the Lifestraw but it does give you the added benefit of storing a small amount of water and carrying it around with you when you go hiking or traveling.

It also works just like the Lifestraw. You simply put contaminated water inside the bottle and sip clean water out. It also contains a pre-filter to remove sediments, reduce turbidity and filter microorganisms, an iodine resin cartridge that kills viruses and bacteria not removed from the pre-filter and an activated carbon as a final filter  to remove any unpleasant taste.

At the time of this post this product had 15 reviews on Amazon. Click here to see the reviews on Amazon.

Nano Teabag

Nano Tea Bag

A regular tea bag infuses flavor into water. The Nano Tea Bag on the other hand functions in reverse; it sucks out the contaminants from water. It looks like a regular teabag but in truth, it is packed with nanofibers and activated carbon. To use the teabag, you simply place it in water for about 15 minutes. After that, the water becomes safe to drink. The Nano Tea Bag may not be as convenient as the previous water filtering gadgets but it is another inexpensive temporary option to purify water in times of emergencies.

Cycloclean: Water Purifying Bicycle


The Cycloclean is a bicycle that produces purified water. This bicycle can effectively produce 5 liters of water by pedaling for just one minute without the use of electricity or gasoline. It relies only on peddling power.

It works by parking the bike near a contaminated source of water such as a river, stream or lake. A hose is then inserted into the water. Next, the bike stand is used to lift the rear wheel off the ground. Finally, the rider hops on and starts peddling to pump the water. The bike pumps the water from the source. The water goes through the bike’s filtration system and it comes out clean and drinkable.

As of the time of this writing the Cycloclean bicycle is quite expensive. It not only produces potable water in an environmental-friendly way; it also provides a healthy clean mode of transportation. The Japanese company that manufacturers this innovative product is looking into mass production to reduce its costs.



The Solarball is another inexpensive but innovative purification device that was inspired by the need for clean drinkable water. It harnesses power from the sun to distill the water inside the ball which produces pure drinking water. This hamster shaped ball can produce up to 3 liters per day.

It’s not as compact as the Lifestraw or the water purifying bottles but it’s still portable. And it can provide enough water for an individual or a small family during a disaster.