Off The Grid

Converting a Generator to Run on 3 Types Of Fuel


Power plays a very important role in survival. We need it to light our home and keep it warm. We need it to cook food. Electricity is necessary to run our gadgets and appliances such as cellphones, radio, television, refrigerator and water pumps etc. Whether you want to live off the grid or just prepare for extended emergencies  or intermittent power outages, having a backup generator can be very beneficial .

With a backup power source like a generator, you can be on top of any emergency situation.  Generators typically run on gasoline or diesel as long as you have fuel supply.

Benefits of a Multi-Fuel Generator

Generators can also run on propane and natural gas. Using other fuel types for your generator has several advantages: Continue reading

If You Can’t Go Completely Off The Grid What Options Do You Have



When going completely off the grid isn’t practical, consider becoming more self reliant. When you live in an urban environment going completely off the grid isn’t always workable.

Possibilities to incorporate an off grid lifestyle are endless just as our priorities are different for us all. For my way of thinking there are three primary motivations to go in this direction. They are to improve my standard of living, become less dependent on outside services and reduce expenses. Continue reading